Mobile Advertising

VMETZ Mobile offers perfectly legal advertising. Licensed by Johannesburg City Council all Vmetz Mobile Advertising Trailers comply with prescribed advertising By-Laws.

Trailers are manufactured by our Company and are Dept. of Transport and NRCS registered and approved.

Mobile Trailer Advertising is an aggressive marketing aid and assists with reaching target markets more effectively. Brand marketing and awareness are promoted by exposing thousands of potential clients to your products and services. We help drive brands, services and products right into peoples’ thoughts, hearts and memories.

Strategic positioning and height of trailers demand passing motorists’ immediate attention. Weekly rotation of advertisement trailers offer maximum exposure and penetration in a selected target area.

Trailer positions are reported weekly to the client by sms. Static Bill board advertising just doesn’t offer this type of flexibility and is much more costly. Branded trailers can be used as instant back- drop for interviews and launches and we offer special customization of units to suit our clients’ needs.

(Pricing on request) Branded trailers will be positioned at prime selected sites in High traffic zones that offer maximum exposure in the Sandton/Randburg area.

The life expectancy of the mounted PVC prints, being fully exposed to the elements, are 12-24 months. Prints are stretch mounted on steel square tube frames and fitted on rollers. The branded panel simply slides onto the trailer and after completion of an elected contract period/launch or event, frames are removed and securely stored.
Should a client, at a later stage wish to resume marketing, the mounted advertisement gets drawn from the archive and re used. (much like a large portrait)




Potential Positioning