Flatbed Trailer

(BASE MODEL)  Transport any household items, building materials, quad bike, golf cart etc., etc...


Spring loaded expanded metal sides, 650mm high with tail gate, contains the load and secures crates, luggage, wood ,tools etc...

Garden rubble can also be removed and trailer effortlessly cleaned by simply hosing it down.      

Bicycle Trailer

Fully adjustable sturdy cycle holders, that bolt to flat bed with set screws, takes 5 minutes to fit, and accommodate up to 6 cycles.

( 4 cycles can be transported with cage fitted)

Motor Cycle Trailer

Load 2 motor cycles


Roof Top Tent

Special heavy duty frame supports any roof top tent. Sufficient clearance beneath tent allows fitment of the cage with or without the cycle attachment (and cycles). Frame extension provides attachment for a large awning.

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